Scratchu8s Profile Picture.

"Hey hi there, I'm scratchU8. I make dumb animations, occasionally stupid games and sometimes idiotic not-animations-nor-games. But apparently people like them?" - scratchU8's About Me section.

scratchU8 is a famous scratcher who currently has made over 798 projects. He has been on scratch for more than 5 years. He Is The Inspiration To Felixmario323. Him And Felixmario323's Avatar Have Some Simularities. Like Being Both A Mario OC. The Reason For This Is Beacause felixmario32's avatar Was Inspired by Him.


According to scratchU8's project, scratchU8 learned about Scratch when his mother showed him a newspaper about the basic programming of Scratch. One of scratchU8's first projects on the 29th August 2009 was a game about his character Mr. Man Guy, and called by that very name. A sequel was made the next day with multiplayer. After that, scratchU8 started uploading projects almost daily, most being games and animations. As time progressed, scratchU8 got popular and his skills in project making noticeably increased. His mascot character, scratchU8 was made during this process. In 2016, though he sadly quit to do other things like youtube or something else.